Sydney and New South Wales Itinerary Challenge

Welcome to New South Wales, most popular state located in Southern Eastern Australia, having an amazing coastline bounded by the Pacific Ocean and home to the largest city which also happens to be the capital, Sydney. Attractions in New South Wales would include dazzling beaches, cliffs, majestic man made bridges, attractive coastline, zoos, wildlife encounters, illuminating festivals, entertainment, art, culture and much more.

The Sydney and New South Wales Itinerary Challenge is a combination of 4 modules (reading material) followed by an easy exam. The modules will help you with beautiful photos, unique attractions, suggestions, tips and maps to help you curate the perfect itinerary for your client’s next great escape.

Once you have submitted the self-drive itinerary, you will be a certified NSW Itinerary Expert

In the courses that we have built, you will discover everything you need to know about New South Wales and a guaranteed holiday adventure experience for any type of tourist.